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Vitamin H Productions is the professional panelist group that has been sweeping the South. Founded in 2013 by Kidd “The Maniac” Bowyer (Public Relations Director) and Annie “Pathos” Bowyer (Technical Coordinator) and fueled by a love of all things geeky, Vitamin H aims to create the most memorable convention programming you've ever. When they're not frantically preparing for a con, you can find them making videos, graphics, and other stuff for their website - http://vitaminh.info - so be sure to check them out! Whether you like the weird, the wild, or the just plain wacky, Vitamin H promises you Fun to the Power of H!


Facebook: facebook.com/VitaminHOfficial

Youtube: youtube.com/user/VitaminHProductions

Twitter: twitter.com/VitaminHPanels

Tumblr: vitaminhofficial.tumblr.com

Email: Kidd – kidd@vitaminh.info

Email: Annie – pathos@vitaminh.info

-Greg Wicker