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My name is Tina in the cosplay and gaming community I am known as TinaKinz. I have been cosplaying since Dragoncon of 2012. I mainly focused on Dark Souls cosplays, as well as Bloodborne with a few anime cosplays here and there. I didn't really cultivate a large following until I starting making Overwatch cosplays. My Halloween Witch Mercy Cosplay is what shot my cosplay fanbase forward. I was featured by big named cosplayers such as Jessica Nigiri, and I was featured on Kotaku. I now have 68,000 followers and growing each day! I am so thankful to them they have really given me the courage to pursue my cosplay! I have made a lot of my cosplays by hand, and I have styled my own wigs. I also do almost all of my own cosplay photography edits myself. I have a degree in Art so that has had a big role in teaching me sculpting techniques, learning how to mix paint colors for armor as well as digital manipulation for some of my photo backgrounds. That being said I also love to work with commissioners on some cosplay collaboration projects! I am just a gamer, and an artist that found out about cosplay which is a perfect mix of the two! 


My Cosplay Page - www.facebook.com/tinakinzcosplay

More Information about me on my Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/tinakinz


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Tina Kinz