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JAMPcon: Panel Programming - 2018

Kids Shows Are More AdultWhy do I like this cartoon that only kids should like? Come find out exactly what is appealing of all these shows and see how the world of children's television is a little more grown up than anyone expected

Disney XDThere are a lot of great shows on Disney XD, from Star Wars Rebels, to Gravity Falls, and the newer Star Vs The Forces of Evil. We'll talk about several of these shows and get into what makes them so appealing to wide audiences

Voltron Through The Ages: We'll take a look at the combining lions from Go Lion to Voltron: Legendary Defender

I Ship ItThese characters belong together, but how?! Come dive into the depths of the shipping world, find out that not all pairings have to be romantic in nature, and what makes your particular ships sail!

Yes, You Can ImprovEver thought about doing improv comedy? Done improv before but it’s been awhile?


The Universe of Steven: Do you love Steven Universe and want to know more about everyone in the show


Dating Game - Come in your best cosplay so one of us has to figure out who you are in this no holds bar Dating Game! Then, whomever is the winner then has to be in the hotseat and guess who we are, which has been randomly assigned!

Reboots and Revisits: Hey, that show you used to watch is back! Maybe it’s a show that’s been rebooted before, maybe for the first.

Guilty Pleasure Anime: Let’s be honest here, some the anime we watch is well, not as good as others. We all have that one show that we watched every episode of, even if it didn’t have great animation, great story, or made any sense to why we liked it

Hot Dads of Anime: Oyajicons rejoice! If you like your anime men to be a bit more on the mature side, maybe with a beard or a bit of scruffy stubble, then you’re not alone! Come join Vitamin H for this hour-long collection of the best ossans anime has to offer, including some you might not’ve met before.

A Silent Hill Retrospective: Somewhere in rural America lies a small, quaint resort town that's bathed in an eternal fog. A place where those with troubled hearts must face the deepest, darkest parts of their psyche. You've found a letter that tells you to join Vitamin H for this in-depth look at the history of the Silent Hill franchise.

Metal Gear: Outside the Box: A Metal Gear panel, featuring all the clones, mechs, vampires, conspiracies and one-eyed dogs that we know and love. As you can probably guess, we’ll be delving a fair bit into the weirder side of Metal Gear lore, as well as probing the mind of the series’ enigmatic creator. If you’re looking for a mix of hardboiled spy thrills and geriatric half-tree assassins, this might just be the panel for you.

Name That Anime Tune: Can’t get that awesome anime music out of your head? Then come on down and let Vitamin H test your otaku music knowledge! From old-school classics to current smash hits, from shoujo to shounen, harem to horror, and everything in between, we’ve got a whole range of anime openings and endings for you to figure out. Up to 80 players can compete for the title of Anime Music Maestro!

The True History of the NINJA: You know who were really awesome? Ninja, that’s who. They may not’ve really had the amazing superhuman powers we see in film and anime, but their ingenious use of chemistry, physics and the martial arts were just as amazing. From walking on water to breathing fire, invisibility to reading minds, we’ll be examining the myths of the ninja’s great powers and explaining the fascinating reality behind these legends.

What the #$@# is a McElroy? An introductory panel designed to explain the internet phenomenon that is The McElroys Fandom. Just who are these guys? Why are so many congoers dressing up as elves with umbrellas? And which of their 20+ shows would suit you? You’ll discover all this, and more!

Show Us Your Pokeballs: A Nerdy Comedy Show (18+)

Show Us Your Pokeballs: The Improv Experience (all-ages)

VShow Us Your Pokeballs: Truth or Dare (18+) - Imrpov games fused with everyone's favorite party game!

An Otaku's Intro to Improv (A Workshop in how to do improv comedy)

Show Us Your Pokeballs: Improv Uncensored (18+) (Adult-oriented improv comedy) 

KID-PROV w/ Show Us Your Pokeballs (A Class meant for kiddos 8-12 years old) 

More programming will be posted this week